The Richard R. Cook Endowment for the benefit of the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd



Strong faith, vision, and a commitment to the Good Shepherd family – these are characteristics of the givers to the Cook Endowment Fund. These stewards believe in the future of Good Shepherd.

Similarly, the Cook Endowment is led by individuals with the same faith, commitment, leadership, and skills to help plan the future of Good Shepherd. The Cook Endowment is managed by six trustees – the Rector, who serves in an ex-officio capacity, and five trustees appointed by the vestry of the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd. The vestry elects one trustee annually to serve a five-year term.


Meet Our Current Trustees

The Rev'd Michael S. Mills

Chris Savage
Term expires in 2018

Erik Bruno
Term expires in 2019

John Stetter
Term expires in 2020

Allen Ferguson
Term expires in 2021

Kendall Cotten
Term expires in 2022