Good Shepherd’s vestry is the elected body of lay people, operating under the guidance of the Rector and Senior Warden, who have responsibility for the mission and vision of Good Shepherd. There are twelve vestry members, four being elected each year to a three-year term. Those who serve on the vestry are charged with overseeing our financial, property and missions operations. They all devote considerable time preparing for vestry meetings, leading associated committees and serving in their already-established lay ministries.

*Our Parish’s Governing Body
Vestry Executive Committee
Fr. Michael Mills, Rector
Fr. Tom Hotchkiss, Vicar
Terry Balluck, Senior Warden
Joe Baber, Junior Warden
Debra Pyke, Treasurer
Colin Cahoon, Chancellor

Vestry Members


Joe Baber

Terry Balluck

Erin McKool*

Bob MacFarland*

Patrick McGhee

Tricia Morris*

Mary Peltier*

LeAnne Perrine

Wes Snyder

Lisa Stone

Laurie Weir

Jenny Wier


Debra Pyke, Treasurer
Mary Noller, Clerk

*Denotes member in final year on Vestry


Vestry Nominations
Any member of Good Shepherd who is eligible to vote at the annual meeting may nominate another member to serve on the vestry. Nominations are submitted in December and January each year. The parish votes at its annual meeting to elect four new members to serve for a three year term.

This year’s annual meeting will be held on Sunday, February 3.

To serve as a vestry member, a person must be (1) a member of our church, (2) at least eighteen years old, (3) confirmed by a bishop, (4) a giver of record in 2018, (5) have made a pledge for 2019.

In addition, here are five additional standards that Fr. Hobbs published in 2005, which we commend to you: (1) regular attendance at worship, (2) evident stewardship of time, talent and treasure, (3) responsible and exemplary manner of life, (4) willingness to listen, learn, and lead, and (5) proven leadership in some area of the parish’s life and ministry.