We understand. You want to know before you show up.

Let us help you take some of the guesswork out of your Easter morning. Especially if you are a first-time guest, you will find some questions answered here that will make your first visit to Good Shepherd a little bit smoother. And if you don’t see you question here, then give us a call and we’d be happy to find you an answer.

What do people wear? 

Easter dresses and big hats are still the fashion in Episcopal churches, this one included. You will see kids in pastel outfits and women in floral dresses. You will also see teenagers in off-day clothing, and usher in ties or “business casual.” If you want to dress up, you can and you won’t stand out as overdressed. If you want to wear jeans and a polo shirt, you will see other people dressed like you too.  

If you are coming to the egg hunt, remember that we will be outside (weather permitting). Both playgrounds will be open too. The courtyard is artificial turf, but kids will want to run and play.  

Do you have nursery? 

Our nursery will be open from 8:00 to 12:00. The nursery serves children from six week to three years old. They are also welcome to come to church with you. Our 9:00 service especially will have plenty of toddlers with their families. We try to help by providing coloring pages in the bulletin, but that’s just because parents get nervous. We kinda like the noise of children in the church.  

How long are the services? 

We are especially careful not to go over an hour at the 9:00 service, out of consideration for small attention spans. The sunrise vigil and big service at 10:30 are both just over an hour. 

Where do we park?

At 6:30, the best place to park is the lot between the church and the Town North YMCA. The gate to the courtyard is on that side, and it is easy to come in that way, especially if you turn into our campus from Northaven. 

At 9:00, most people park on the south end of the campus, near the a-frame Mackey Chapel. The egg hunt after the service is at the school, so parking at the school end makes it easier to get to the car after the egg hunt. Families who want to drop off an infant or toddler in the nursery can use the porte cochere outside the main church or, even better, park in the east-side lot between the church and the Town North YMCA. That puts you close to the nursery. 

At 10:30, people will park in every possible spot. There are many handicapped accessible parking spaces near the main church, and many people will drop of family members at the porte cochere before finding a place to park. People of all ages attend this service, so we ask that people that don’t mind a short walk park near the school, leaving closer parking for visitors and older members. As at 9:00, families who want to use the nursery are best served by parking on the east side. 

When and where is the egg hunt? 

The egg hunt starts immediately after the 9:00 service. We will have three areas for three different age of child. The biggest egg hunt will be for children 7-10. That one is in the school courtyard behind Mackey Chapel. We will also have one in our preschool’s playground for kids 4-6 and one in the nursery playground for three and under. The areas will be clean and clearly signed, so if you follow the crowd headed south after then 9:00 service, someone will help you find the place right for you. 


Where are the photo spots? 

After the 9:00 service, there will be two stations, one in front of Mackey Chapel and one in the courtyard. There will be a line, so you don’t have to worry about missing it. We can take a picture of your family and email it to you. If you give us a mailing address, we can even send you a printed copy. 

After the 10:30 service, the stations will be closer to the church. One will be near the main altar in the big church, and one will be near the flowered cross in our courtyard. Again, it will be hard to miss them. 

What’s a flowered cross? 

The message of Easter is that a symbol of suffering and death has become the source of life. The combination of cross and flowers symbolizes this. We decorate the processional cross with Easter lilies, and people bring cut flowers to put on a mesh-covered cross outside of the church. We will have flowers to hand out, but you can bring your own too. Stems cut to about 3” fit best in the wire mesh. 

Did we answer your question? If not, feel free to give us a call during the week at 214-351-6468.