Good Shepherd means authentic community.

We are like a big family, one where everyone belongs and enjoys life together. People will ask your name and remember it, invite you for coffee after the service is over, and bring a meal to you when you've just gotten out of the hospital. For many, Good Shepherd is the place they find belonging. 

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dinner clubs


Most of the people in this group remember hats and gloves in church! Though you'll nine-to-fivers and retirees in this group, they welcome adults of all ages. Couples Club meets monthly in the homes of its members.


In this group you'll find people who are thoroughly enjoying the Empty Nest years or hoping to hang on until they get there. In other words, if you had an 8-track player in your first car or bought the Hotel California album when it was first released, this is your group! Supper Club meets monthly on Fridays in the home of one of its members.


Arguably the original social club of Good Shepherd, the founding members might have been 39-ish when this group was formed in the 1960's. Through the years the group has evolved, but the original name stuck. You'll find founding members of our parish and many retirees in this group, but they welcome new parishioners and visitors of all ages.


You'll find a little bit of everything in this group: singles, couples, and parents with young or school aged children. This group meets on Friday evenings quarterly throughout the year, meeting both at the church or in the homes of its members.

life stage GROUPS


Meets every other month on Thursdays | 10 AM - 12:45 PM

The Silver & Gold Club is an enrichment opportunity for the "seasoned" members of Good Shepherd. If you were around when Good Shepherd was built (1956), remember watching the Ed Sullivan show, or drove a 57 Chevy then you’re invited! Their bi-monthly gathering includes a Eucharist service, a speaker/entertainment, and lunch.  Need a ride? Let us know and we’ll coordinate for you.


Parenting Group

Meets third Friday of each month | 8:15 - 10 AM

Good Shepherd offers Parent Circles of Trust for parents of middle and high school students. This group is in the Parker Palmer Circle of Trust tradition in which participation and self-reflection are encouraged, but judgment and fixing are discouraged. This pilot program will meet the third Friday morning of each month. Facilitator Marcia Hotchkiss (spouse of Fr. Hotchkiss and parent of two adult sons) has been trained in the Parker Palmer method, is a certified spiritual director, and has been teaching interpersonal communication and small group dynamics on the college level for twenty years. Come and experience a new kind of community.


young(er) adult group

Meets second Tuesday of each month | 6:30 - 8:30 PM

A newly-formed group of young professionals, this group meets monthly to share food, drink, and exceptional conversation.